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Lavender Varieties at 10 Ring Farms

mailette lavender.jpeg

MAILETTE - A very attractive cultivar with dark violet blooms. This plant is medium sized suitable for ornamental plantings and oil purposes. 

hidcote blue lavender.jpeg
hidcote pink lavender.jpeg

HIDCOTE BLUE and PINK - A medium, short-stemmed bushy plant with dense grey-green foliage. Reaching 12 to 18 inches high and wide, it boasts 2½-inch, linear, downy leaves on strong stems. The leaves first open white, then turn a pale gray-blue-green color. In summer they are topped by dark purple blooms that attract butterflies and bees.  A brilliant dark purple flowered plant for ornamental use - a wonderful, sweet oil producer.


grosso lavender.jpeg

Lavender, Grosso

The lavender of choice for potpourri and sachets.  This is our favorite!

Most fragrant, most lovely, the lavender of lavenders. Mounded, shrubby cultivar grows to 30 inches tall, arrayed with alluring silver-green foliage and super-fragrant, extra-large, extra-tall 24”spikes clustered with deep-purple flowers. The lavender of choice for potpourri and sachets. Heat- and drought-resistant plants make for lovely and fragrant edging for walkways. Plants do best in well-drained soil and full sun. Massed in a border or hedge, plants retain their charm long after their blooms have faded.

abrialii lavender.jpeg
lavender wand.JPG

Abrialii Lavender wands are lovely.

ABRIALII - Bushy and moderately tall, lateral branching is long with elegant, bright violet-blue spikes. Popular as an oil, fragrant or ornamental plant.

cathy blanc lavender.jpg

CATHY BLANC - Large and White, this lavender adds contrast to the purple-blue varieties .  A compact lavender that looks amazing in a bouquet.

super lavender.jpeg

SUPER - This plant is a French cultivar, extremely heavy oil producer. Very fragrant with very long stems and large flower heads - dark violet in color. Very hardy with a bushy habitat.

Edible Lavender
melissa lavender.jpeg

MELISSA - The aroma of this plant is very sweet and fragrant, fantastic for culinary use. The delicate soft-lavender pink flowers are formed on a medium plant with bushy habit. Introduced by Andrew Van Hevelingen in Newburg, Oregon.

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