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Health Benefits of Lavender Oil

1.   Alleviates Headaches and Migraines

2.  Heals cuts, ulcers, and wounds

3.  Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial

4.  Alleviates Respiratory issues, Treats cough and cold

5.  Relieves Insomnia

6.  Calms stomach and bowels

7.   Fights bad breath

8.  Alleviates Fevers

9.  Calms nerves

10. Reduces pain/heat from minor burns

11.  Treats acne 

12.  Anti-infammatory: Removes sting from bug bites

13.  Insect repellent

14.  Can help reduce backache pain

15.  Reduces muscle soreness

16.  Lavender oil restores hormonal balance

17.  Helps treat lice in hair

18.  Can be used to treat hypertension

19.  Boosts immunity

20.  Blends well with other aromatherapy


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